Grandma What's A Soul


Join young Duncan’s conversation with his grandma and you can learn all about souls, heaven, angels and the enduring strength of love through feelings, which are the language of the soul.  This book is written for adults and children who are suffering with chronic grief and/or who just have questions, as Duncan did, about what happens when someone “dies.”

Kids are into REAL reasons.  Their awareness goes beyond just what they learn in school.  That’s why kids can help an adult’s “inner child” learn so quickly.  No matter how old you are it is good to know that the fact that we “die” and go to heaven is now supported by scientific investigation.  The connection between science and spirit has proven that we are really still alive when we pass over.  We are just without our physical body. 

Most people want encouragement to face death and they learn to hope for a good outcome.  This book teaches us that our spiritual and material worlds are interconnected and inseparable.  This book explains this process so we can understand more and balance those two worlds.  It is a tool that can help us all understand the greater reality about which we are a part.


I was driving one day with my seven-year old grandson when he said, “Grandma, I don’t like to talk about this very often, but I don’t want you to die.”  “I don’t want to die now either, Duncan.  But when I get really old I will, and then my soul will go to heaven and I’ll watch over you.”  Then the conversation ensued that became the Grandma, What Is A Soul? book.

I am the first female President of The Academy of Spiritual and Consciousness Studies Inc. (   I write articles for our on-line newsletter and our paper newsletter entitled The Searchlight. 

In March of 2014, my Editor of The Searchlight wrote to the Academy members and asked them to give their views on explaining death to a child by writing a “letter” to a real or hypothetical son, daughter or grandchild.  (We all remember things differently and this is how my editor remembers it.  What I remember is that my editor asked how one would explain death to a seven-year old child.  Perhaps this is what my spiritual guides, positive ancestors or angels wanted me to see?  It was the seven-year old phrase that struck me as such a coincidence). 

This was just two weeks after Duncan and I had this conversation in my car, which I could tell by how his voice was trembling when he started and how comfortable he felt when we ended, had been a very important conversation.

I believe in the Jungian concept of synchronicity or meaningful coincidence so I wrote up our conversation.  Duncan and I read it over and I sent it in.  This was published in the July 2014 issue of the Academy’s Journal along with two other stories written by members.  When I read our conversation, it seemed very significant to me because I had responded with a real conversation and the other two people had just written their opinion.  I, again, really liked what we had done.

I remember thinking how other children like Duncan must be frightened by the prospect of losing their grandparent and how this would be helpful to them.  I then had a memory of a psychic reading I had about ten years before where the psychic has said, “Oh, you’re going to write children’s books.”  I had responded not very enthusiastically at the time.

I believe that some of the greatest ideas in life have come from personal experiences and I started to wonder about how one would go about writing a children’s book?  I checked with and they had a Createspace Division that helped people do just that.  Seven months after I started, Grandma, What Is A Soul? became a reality.  The early reviews have been very positive.  Now we’ll get to see if it really does help other “children” whether they are big or small!

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